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Free online learning for all the family - Join our courses for parents of 0-5s

Parenting young children can be tough at the best of times and during this strange period in our history it can feel even more bewildering and stressful.

That's why we are really pleased to be able to offer parents various free online sessions and courses — all delivered by professional early years experts - to help you support your child's development. 

Parent Connect online sessions

Parent Connects are one-off online events providing wellbeing and other advice. They are an opportunity to connect with other parents and carers via Zoom and learn about topics relevant to families and children aged 0-5 and share ideas in how to support children’s early education and each other. 

Helping your child get ready for Reception

Join us for an introductory session talking all about preparing for school and how you can support your child in getting ready to start Reception. Come along for some tips and to meet other families to discuss and share your thoughts and ideas helping your little person start their next new adventure!  

6 July — 6-7pm

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7 July — 1-2pm

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Songs, Stories and Rhymes - Supporting Early Communication

“Knowing more words, makes you smarter!”  

In this session we explore the importance of speech and language development and how you can support your children’s early communication.  

Join us to explore why communication and language development is so important in the early years, and how you can encourage this at home with songs, stories and rhymes packed with lots of information, ideas, and tips! 

13 July — 6-7pm

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14 July — 1-2pm

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Creating and enabling the home learning environment

The home environment plays a key role in supporting children’s development and learning. Enabling environments encourage babies and young children to play if they are relaxed and comfortable. Join us to understand how you can support your children’s development at home, and how using everyday objects indoors and outdoors can enhance learning for your child with some great tips and ideas for you try at home. 

20 July - 6-7pm

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21 July - 1-2pm

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Supporting your child's emotional wellbeing

Parents provide the main support to children’s emotional development. We will discover how you can help your children as they become people in their own right, learning to walk, talk and master other routines of daily life and how to help you manage children’s moods. Join us to understand what children need emotionally, and how best to encourage healthy emotional development.  

27 July 6pm-7pm

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